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This year marks the one-year anniversary of OurHopePlace.com --- a business that aims to demystify
miscarriage.  OurHopePlace.com has a mission to soothe the suffering by acknowledging the loss of a

Over the past year, Our Hope Place co-founders Laura Racanelli and Sharon Stenger have helped
promote conversation and gift giving as a tangible acknowledgement of miscarriage loss, opening the
door to healing.  Following their own miscarriages, Racanelli and Stenger found many technical
websites, but all the facts left them feeling cold and empty. In addition, they found that very few people
knew how to offer comfort while others were scared they might say something wrong.

Racanelli and Stenger realized there existed a real need to help women, their families and friends
through this trying time. Visitors to OurHopePlace.com learn and share in miscarriage support
methods, which others have employed to start the healing process.  

The statistics about miscarriage are staggering.  One in five pregnancies end in miscarriage.  This
equates to over 1 million miscarriages a year in the United States alone. Miscarriage is a real loss that
requires grieving.  Importantly, it is a different kind of loss in that there are no memories, no stories to
reminisce about or pictures at which to look.  There is only the loss of potential, the loss of the dreams
and the loss of hopes of a baby that will never be.

In order to begin to soothe the pain, there must be acknowledgement.  The heart of Our Hope Place is
the bracelet of hope.  The delicate jade bracelet was inspired by a gift Racanelli received from her
mother after she suffered her miscarriage. According to Racanelli, the bracelet changes meaning and
function as you heal. “It ranges from a distraction to a tangible symbol of hope.”

“And the bracelet works”, comments Stenger.  “You’ll move on after the miscarriage, go back to work,
etc. and the beads on the bracelet become positive thinking beads.  I actually found myself playing
with them one day and I realized the world had turned back on for me!”

This past September, the first woman to receive a bracelet had a baby girl. OurHopePlace.com notes
that not all receivers will go on to have a pregnancy; one woman mentioned that she is now focusing
on adoption.  While she does not wear her bracelet every day, she does wear it on her worst days.  
“This is why we started Our Hope Place, to help the healing”, states Stenger.

Visitors to OurHopePlace.com are encouraged to customize “Cope and Hope Care Packages” --- with
the bracelet and other items designed to console and promote healing. Linda Layne, a seasoned
cultural anthropologist who studies society’s treatment of women who have suffered miscarriage
states, “Gift giving is a powerful way of offering support.  By giving someone who has had a
miscarriage a comfort item like those available through OurHopePlace.com, one offers concrete
acknowledgment of a painful loss which, more often than not, is ignored or downplayed.”

OurHopePlace.com offers testimonials from sufferers of miscarriage, six pieces of advice when helping
someone, a perspective test, and addresses the emotions and situations of those individuals affected
by this life altering experience.  The company hopes to fill the gap and act as a source of comfort
during a difficult time.


For more information, please contact Laura Racanelli at Laura@OurHopePlace.com or Sharon
Stenger at Sharon@OurHopePlace.com
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