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Natural Awakenings, January, 2008
"Demystifying Miscarriage
January, 2008


November 2007 marks the one-year anniversary of --- a business that aims to demystify
miscarriage and soothe the suffering by acknowledging
the loss of a baby.

Over the past year, Our Hope Place co-founders Laura
Racanelli and Sharon Stenger have helped promote
conversation and gift giving as a tangible
acknowledgement of miscarriage, opening the door to
healing.  Following their own miscarriages, Racanelli
and Stenger found that very few people knew how to
offer them comfort and they realized there existed a
need to help women, their families and friends through
this trying time. Visitors to learn
and share in miscarriage support methods, which others
have employed to start the healing process.  

The statistics about miscarriage are staggering, one
in five pregnancies end this way. Miscarriage is a
real loss and in order to begin to soothe the pain,
there must be acknowledgement.  The heart of Our Hope
Place is the bracelet of hope.  This delicate jade
bracelet was inspired by a gift Racanelli received
from her mother after she suffered her miscarriage.
The bracelet changes meaning and function as you heal
from a distraction to a tangible symbol of hope.

Visitors to can customize “Cope and
Hope Care Packages” --- with the bracelet and other
items designed to console and promote healing. offers helpful advice, addresses the
emotions and situations of those individuals affected
by this life altering experience and is a resource of
comfort during a difficult time.
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