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Press Release - December 6, 2006

“Our Hope Place” Offers Options for Women in Crisis
December 6, 2006

“Our Hope Place” Offers Options for Women in Crisis

A new website has been launched to provide support for women suffering from miscarriages, it was
announced today.

Our Hope has been established as a source enabling friends to help friends overcome
the devastation experienced during this personal tragedy.  The website offers components which
reach out to individual sufferers of miscarriage, as well as to friends, spouses and partners of
these women.

Long time friends from Connecticut, Laura Racanelli, a mother of two and Sharon Stenger, a
mother of one, have embarked on a mission to create a site that offers comfort and hope after
both suffered miscarriages.  Recognizing that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, with
almost one million in the United States alone, Racanelli and Stenger are hoping to fill a need to
provide guidance and tools as to how to best help.  

Racanelli and Stenger found many technical websites, but all the facts left them feeling cold and
empty. In addition, they found very few people knew how to offer comfort and others were scared
they might say something wrong.  There existed a real need to help women and their family and
friends through this trying time. Visitors to Our Hope Place can learn about and share in
miscarriage support methods others have employed to start the healing process.  

The centerpiece of Our Hope Place is a bracelet of hope.  The delicate jade bracelet was inspired
by a gift Racanelli, received from her mother after she suffered her miscarriage.  According to
Racanelli, the bracelet changes meaning and function as you heal. “It ranges from a distraction to
a tangible symbol of hope.”

“And the bracelet works”, comments Stenger.  “You’ll move on after the miscarriage, go back to
work, etc. and the beads on the bracelet become positive thinking beads.  I actually found myself
playing with them one day and I realized the world had turned back on for me!”

Visitors to the website are encouraged to customize “Cope and Hope Care Packages” --- with
items designed to console and promote healing for women suffering from miscarriage.  

Our Hope Place offers testimonials from sufferers of miscarriage, and addresses the emotions and
situations of those individuals affected by this life altering experience.  The company hopes to fill
the gap and act as a source of comfort during a difficult time.

For more information, please contact Laura Racanelli at or Sharon
Stenger at
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