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Winter 2006 - 2007
"A Place for Hope"

A Place for Hope
We read with much interest the article on Linda Layne’s pregnancy loss research
[“Motherhood Lost”].
Like Linda, our own devastating experiences with miscarriage compelled us to search for
and support. We turned to the Internet for help, but searched for days only to find sites that
left us
feeling cold, empty, and drained.  Additionally we found very few people knew how to offer
and many were scared they might say the wrong thing. Frustrated, we made a choice to help
make a
change. Based on a 20-year friendship, sisterhood (we are sorority sisters), and a special
bracelet of hope,
we created, a site dedicated to friendshelping friends through the
devastation of miscarriage. The site offers readers guidance about how to comfort a loved
one who’s experienced a miscarriage, as well as information about our own experiences so
that women who’ve suffered a
loss know that they are not alone.  While we wish miscarriage did not exist, the fact of the
matter is it
does—and it is common. With Our Hope Place we aim to provide women with some peace of
some help, some sisterhood, and hope. We applaud Linda Layne’s work. Her tireless
advocacy to bring
better support and care options to women who have experienced a loss gives us hope—
every day.

Wilton and Darien, Conn.
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