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Just in case, we thought we would add the following disclaimer...

This web site reflects our opinions, thoughts and feelings based on our experiences.  We do not have
any professional medical training (unless you count 8th grade health class).  By offering this website
we are not making any promises or guarantees that will result in a pregnancy.

Our dream is that miscarriages wouldn’t exist; however, since we can’t solve that, we can try to help in
our own way.  Our Hope Place is about providing friends with the confidence, encouragement, and the
opportunity to help their friends through their grief.

Our goal is to allow people to smile again.  To dream.   To hope.  

Together we can share hope.  Our hope place.

-Laura and Sharon

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Laura’s Journey

I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in
Troy, New York with a degree in mechanical
engineering. Understanding how things and people
work and developing creative solutions always
came naturally to me. At college, I made life long
friendships and met my husband.

Rensselaer has a motto:  “Why not change the
world?” and I have embraced this ideal in the
manner in which I live my life.  As my career evolved
from engineering to marketing, I had the opportunity
to work closely with professional car and yacht
racing teams. Working closely with these teams, I
witnessed their passion daily. While I had become
successful in my own career, however, I still had
not discovered that same personal passion for my

On the home front, my husband and I decided to
start our family.  Unfortunately, we would learn first-
hand about miscarriage. During this sad time, I
received a bracelet from my mom and I immediately
thought of it as something tangible on which to
focus my energy and positive thinking.  My daughter
was born after a healthy pregnancy and, three years
later, my son was born. I wore my bracelet for both

Many of our friends were also in the midst of
starting or expanding their own families.
Unfortunately, miscarriage became a topic a lot of
us could talk about personally. I soon realized that I
could not solve the problem of miscarriage in the
same manner I had solved engineering and
marketing problems in the past. However, I did
have the passion to change the world of friends and
other women who had suffered miscarriage. I could
share with these women the bracelet and its story
as well as the hope I felt when I wore it.
Who knew when we met twenty years ago in college that we would share so much and our lives
would take such different journeys to get to the same place.   
Sharon’s Journey

After college, life took me to New Jersey and
worked as a process engineer. I quickly decided
business issues were more interesting (and safer
than a plant environment), and I headed to NYC and
Columbia Business School. After I obtained my
Masters of Business Administration, I discovered
my niche in marketing. I relished the idea of
understanding people’s needs and providing
products that fulfill them. Over the years, I have
collaborated on a number of noteworthy brands
such as Lady Speed Stick, Softsoap, Baby Magic,
Murphy Oil Soap, Cream of Wheat, and Goldfish.

In 2000 I met my husband Bill and we married two
years later.  Shortly thereafter, we decided to start
our family and were very excited about the prospect
of having a baby. We talked about all the typical
things like who the baby would resemble, whether it
would be a boy or girl, and what names we

A short six months after we started trying, I became
pregnant. We were thrilled!

I knew a little about miscarriages, but it never even
occurred to me that I would experience this tragedy
first hand. It was the most devastating experience. I
wish I could convey to you fully the emotional and
physical pain I suffered.

I am truly lucky, however.   I have a loving husband,
a wonderful family and the greatest friends to lend
support. My close friend Laura had suffered a
miscarriage and she offered me the first glint of
hope, a way to move forward. Her bracelet was a
tangible, positive treasure to me and I carried or
wore that bracelet every day until the joyous birth of
my son.
The Genesis of Our Hope Place
talked often about making a difference in this lifetime.  How could we change the world? Are we doing what we were
intended to do?

One day, a friend called me. She was crying about the miscarriage she had suffered earlier in the week.  “Would you
come over and sit with me?” she pleaded.  Of course, I went to her and we sat together. I listened, answered
questions she asked of me and cried with her. When I left, we both had arrived at a better place. It wasn’t until another
friend asked me how I as able to help her that it all came to light.

I called Laura and told her I know what we can do, we can make it better for women and their families suffering from

And so Our Hope Place was born.

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