Demystify miscarriage through acknowledgement with a gift.

What do experts say about giving a gift after a miscarriage:
Items like those available through, one offers concrete acknowledgment of a painful loss
which, more often than offers concrete acknowledgment of a painful loss which, more often than which, more often
than not, is ignored or downplayed.”than not, is ignored or downplayed.”than not, is ignored or downplayed.”
Because each person is unique, we offer a variety of items to allow you to customize your own cope and hope care package.
Looking for recommendations?  Combine a bracelet with another item...
  • Bracelet and a Blanket (it's like sending a hug)
  • Bracelet and a Frog Eggling Planter (send a smile)
  • Bracelet and "Motherhood Lost" by Linda Layne (information that is moving)
To pick out your gift scroll down for our complete catalog and descriptions.

If you would like to send a personalized gift note with your order from Our Hope Place - please email us at  In the email please include your full name and the exact words you want to say.
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                              Bracelet of Hope

The simple, yet beautiful bracelet is a companion that travels along your healing journey with you.
At first it is a distraction.  On your wrist the double stranded elastic banding can be twisted and played with
any time you think about your miscarriage (like we did and often).
As time goes by, your bracelet becomes a symbol of hope.  Hope that one day, joy will come back to you.
The larger center bead (made of aventurine jade) is hand carved and is a tangible symbol of hope.  The
light green color of the beads is soothing to the eye.

The bracelet of hope can be worn everyday and blends into any style of dress from casual to black tie.
Since jade is naturally occurring, each bracelet will vary slightly in color.  The bracelet is approximately 7"
around with the smaller beads being made of semiprecious jade.

Each bracelet of hope is placed in a white organza bag with a bookmark attached and a note inside that
reads: "You received this bracelet from someone who cares.  Know this bracelet is a tradition, based on
friendship, caring and hope.  Our hope is that it helps you through your healing process (as it did for us),
and that it is a reminder that you are not alone."  
There are also directions on how to use the bracelet of hope on the note.

The order is wrapped in white tissue paper.   
Bracelet of Hope Price: $27.00
Read the bracelet of hope story
to learn more
   Journal - A place to capture feelings, thoughts and emotions

Is your friend looking for a private place to capture her feelings, thoughts and emotions?  A gift of a
journal is a perfect way to allow for self expression.

Tip: Write a special note to your friend on the first page.  She will appreciate the kind words.
Each journal is made from recycled paper.  All of the paper is acid and chlorine free.  The journal is
6" x 8" with pastel flowers, wire binding and lined sheets inside.

Journal Price: $30.00
                                     Vase for You

Remind your friend each time she sees this vase that no matter how difficult things seem now, she will go on,
she will continue to love and be loved, and she will someday laugh again.

Our stoneware vase is a perfect way to bring a bit of cheer to the tiniest places.

Message on vase: "live, love, laugh"   Classic bud vase is 2" x 5.5" in size.

Vase Price: $15.00
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                                     Book:  Motherhood Lost by Linda Layne (author signed copy)

Finally a book about miscarriage that goes beyond the medical facts!  Dr. Layne shares a critical analysis of how
American culture, medical technology, and support groups affect and deal with pregnancy loss.  In addition she
selflessly shares her personal story through 7 miscarriages and motherhood attained.  We highly recommend this
book to anyone interested in exploring the complex issues related to pregnancy loss in more depth.

Book Price: $ 30.00
                                     Blanket - Send a hug

Want to send a hug to someone near or far away?

Provide a comforting hug when you can't be there.  Try the blanket we had to have.  So warm, soft and
comfy, you can't help but feel like you are being held.
Color: Linen    Size: 50" x 70" (including fringe)

Blanket Price: $59.00
                            Angel Token Keep Sake

Your friend lost her baby.  Give her a small angel token that she can carry with her or put in a special
memory place.

The token is double sided and comes in an organza pouch.  Token size: 1.25" x 1.25"
On one side of token is a cute angel drawing and on the other there is an inscription that reads -"There's an
angel watching over you".

Angel Token Price: $10.00
                             Frog Eggling Planter - In need of a smile?

This cute frog egg planter can only bring a smile to your friend's face when she
sees it.

Each frog planter is hand-made from glazed ceramic, shaped like an egg with the
cutest little fabric legs and filled with a soil media & rye grass seed.  Easy to grow -
just add water and in less than 2 weeks the grass grows to full height and looks
like hair on the frog's head.

Frog Eggling Planter Price: $14.00