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Our Hope Place for Healing
It's a circumstance that too many of our friends have experienced -- suffering a
miscarriage. Two sorority sisters and longtime friends have created an online space for
healing and a tangible way for people to comfort their friends when, it seems, words are
not enough.  

Our Hope Place is a website started by Fairfield County residents, Sharon Stenger of
Wilton and Laura Racanelli of Darien, to provide confidence and resources to help their
friends cope, hope and heal after miscarriage.

The website contains journal entries that show what a woman might be feeling after a
miscarriage and tips how family and friends can do it assist the healing and demystify

Sharon and Laura also created a special bracelet as a tangible memento of the lost
offspring. "There are over one million miscarriages in the US each year," Sharon said.
"Yet most people don't know how to help. This leaves women and their families suffering
in silence."

When Laura suffered a miscarriage, her mother presented her with a gift, a bracelet that
she wore every day as a remembrance. When her friend, Sharon called to tell her of her
loss, Laura realized the gift she could pass along -- "something tangible I could latch
onto," Sharon remembers a way to instill hope. Thus, Our Hope Place was born.  

"Over the years, two things came together," Sharon explained. "Laura and I gave
bracelets to several of our friends and family and we talked often about making a
difference in this lifetime. How could we change the world? Are we doing what we were
intended to do?"

You can purchase a bracelet for a friend or a loved one to help them start the healing
after a devastating loss that is so hard to console. Go to the website for more details.  

The website has been entered in the "Fast 50" which is Fast
Company magazine's annual readers' challenge, a worldwide search for ordinary people
doing extraordinary things. Fast Company's goal is to remind the world of all the good
that's created when passionate people with big ideas and strong convictions are
determined to make a difference.