Talking to the experts

Professor Linda L. Layne
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is our alma matter, and Linda L. Layne is
the Hale Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Professor of
Anthropology in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at
Rensselaer (Troy, NY).  

Layne is author of
Motherhood Lost: A Feminist Perspective on Pregnancy Loss (Routledge
2003); and the Childbearing Loss chapter of the new edition of
Our Bodies, Ourselves
(2005), and editor of
Consuming Motherhood. (with Taylor and Wozniak) Rutgers University
Press 2004, and
Transformative Motherhood: On Giving and Getting in a Consumer Culture
New York University Press 1999.  

Paula Levy:  click here to read how Paula describes
how men and women may grieve differently after a miscarriage
Paula Levy is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Life Coach and
Mediator. For ten years, she has been helping individuals, couples,
children and families deal with life stresses and transitions. Paula became
a CPA after graduating with a degree in accounting. While raising her 4
children, she realized her strong desire to become a therapist. She
returned to school and received her Masters in Marriage & Family
Therapy. A lifelong learner, Paula is completing her certification as
an Imago therapist.

She teaches couples communication skills and helps them overcome obstacles to
intimacy.  A recent client commented that she had already met with a divorce
attorney and had no hope for marriage therapy.  After several sessions she described her
marriage as “better than ever!”

Paul is located in Norwalk, CT.  For information, email

Learn more about Paula at