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Welcome and thank-you for visiting Our Hope Place.  

You are here because someone you care about has suffered a miscarriage and you are looking for
information on how to help them through their grief.  

What you are about to read is from us, Laura & Sharon, women who have experienced miscarriage and
have gone on to heal.  This “miscarriage sisterhood” is a group we did not wish to join, but life doesn't
always turn out like you plan.

To us, there seemed to be a need to provide some guidance and tools as how to talk to and console a
friend who has suffered a miscarriage.  While we found many technical experts and websites, all these
miscarriage facts didn’t offer us any comfort, and they left us feeling cold and empty.  Other miscarriage
sites allow you to pour out your emotions, this left us feeling drained.  We needed help, we needed hope,
and we needed healing.  So we created Our Hope Place.  

-if your spouse or partner has experienced a miscarriage

-if your friend has experienced a miscarriage

-6 pieces of advice and putting things into perspective

The corner stone of Our Hope Place is the bracelet of hope.  It is about gifting, sharing, and knowing you
are not alone.  The bracelet changes meaning and function as the woman heals.  Read the "bracelet of
hope" story for more complete information.    

Miscarriage is all too common.  One in four pregnancies end in a miscarriage.  There are almost one
million miscarriages each year in the U.S. alone.  By sharing this information with you, we hope you find
comfort  for yourself, your friend, or loved one.